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Who We Are

We are Networker, Direct Seller, YouTuber, and Blogger of India. We have a team around the globe and we are using an online platform for our team development since 2014.

While the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting different industries in different ways, the direct selling industry is especially vulnerable given its reliance, trust, and faith in face-to-face interactions and a seamless global supply chain. In today’s world, consumers need many of the products sold by the direct selling industry more than ever before. We also believe, it could represent an unprecedented boon to recruiting, as many of those suffering from job displacement and other cutbacks could see direct selling as a relatively attractive career prospect down the line.

Now time and necessity have changed and the way of working is also changed. Most of the people around the globe are now comfortable in online working and they are keen to start Home Based Business / Work From Home and they are earning very well into that. During the last decade, we noticed that lots of housewives and girls are joining the direct selling industry to make themselves self-dependent and to get financial freedom, extra income. Even many unemployed youths are also getting good opportunities in this business model because no investment is required for the same.

Being a networker, we have a complete online platform for joining and training of new prospects. We have regular online live training in English and Hindi on a different topic for all of our team members. In short, you don’t have to go anywhere to attend all these trainings.

Our Vision: To grow our network around the globe.

Our Mission: We want to shake hands with leaders around the globe.

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