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Vestige Protein Powder

Protein is an essential component of every cell in the body. Our body uses protein to build and repair tissues & cells. Protein is also used to make enzymes, hormones, and other body chemicals. Protein is an important building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood. Now available in Oman.

Two main protein deficiency diseases are:

  1. Marasmus: Marasmus is a disease caused by a severe deficiency of protein and calories that affect infants and very young children, resulting in weight loss and dehydration.
  2. Kwashiorkor: Kwashiorkor is a disease caused by a severe deficiency of protein in diets that contain calories mostly from carbohydrates such as yams, rice, and bananas. It usually affects older children.

Vestige Protein Powder is low-fat soy and milk protein food supplement that provides the body with all the essential amino acids. It is a soluble, easy to digest protein powder and is quickly absorbed into the body. It contains bioactive is flavones which help regulate blood cholesterol and boost immunity. It is especially beneficial for people involved in sports, weight watchers and for general wellness. One tablespoon (10 g) of Vestige Protein Powder provides 8.2 g of protein with all essential amino acids.

Vestige Protein Powder Ingredients

  1. Calorie ‚ÄĘ 36.2 cal.
  2. Total Carbohydrate ‚ÄĘ 0.5 %
  3. Protein ‚ÄĘ 8.2 %
  4. Fat ‚ÄĘ 0.16 %
  5. Saturated Fat ‚ÄĘ 0.065 %
  6. Cholesterol ‚ÄĘ 2.1 %
  7. Calcium ‚ÄĘ 23 %
  8. Histidine 220 mg
  9. Isoleucine 410mg
  10. Leucine 650 mg
  11. Lysine 550 mg
  12. Methionine + Cystine 225 mg
  13. Phenylalanine + Tyrosine 750 mg
  14. Threonine 350 mg
  15. Tryptophan 110 mg
  16. Valine 410 mg

Benefits of  Vestige Protein Powder 

  1. Good for muscle growth: Protein is essential for muscle growth. Many athletes and gym enthusiasts consume Vestige protein shake because they believe that these drinks will help them bulk up after strength training.
  2. Vestige Protein Powder helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases.
  3. It increases the release of anabolic hormones that can stimulate muscle growth, such as insulin.
  4. Rich source of amino acids.
  5. Aids in weight management. Protein has been shown to aid weight loss by boosting metabolism and reducing appetite.
  6. Boosts immunity. Vestige Protein powder helps in weight gain also.
  7. Promotes growth and development.
  8. It is easy to digest, It absorbed quickly.
  9. Low fat & High Protein.
  10. Recovery after exercise: As well as contributing to muscle growth, protein can help repair damaged muscles & tissues. As a result, athletes may use protein powder to speed up recovery from muscle soreness after exercise.
  11. Aids in speedy recovery from ailments.

Vestige Protein Powder Dosage 

Put one scoopful of stage Vestige protein powder in a glass of milk, juice, soup or water. Add sugar, sweetener or other flavours as per your taste. Shake well in a jar or container. For better taste, add fresh or frozen fruits. Vestige Protein Powder can be used in gravies, dais, veg and non- veg preparations. It can be added to flour for making healthful chapattis, parathas, idli, dosa, etc. If you are feeling any problem after taking Protein powder then It is advised to stop immediately and consult your doctor.

Vestige Protein Powder Price in  Oman

Vestige¬†Protein Powder’s¬†quality¬†is very good.¬†Compare to other National & International Brands & its health benefits¬†Vestige¬†Protein Powder’s¬†price¬†is¬†very less & reasonable.¬†Vestige¬†Protein Powder is available in the size of 200 gm. and 500 gm. Vestige Protein Powder price is MRP for 200 gm. is 17.460 OMR and DP 14.550 OMR.

Vestige Protein Powder PV in Oman

On sell of Vestige protein powder distributor will get 53.62 PV.

Vestige Protein Powder Side effects

Usually, No side effect has been noted, if you are feeling any problem then it is advised to stop immediately and consult your doctor.

Vestige Protein powder Quantity

500 gm

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200 gm, 500 gm

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