Vestige Skin Formula 9 Brightening Treatment

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Vestige Skin Formula 9 Brightening Treatment

multi-action radiance inducing cream for dull uneven skin

A corrective radiance inducing multi-action formula with a special Stem Cell Blend that boosts the skinā€™s natural detoxification system helps reduce the proliferation of acne-causing bacteria and lightens age spots to reveal a flawlessly even complexion. Now its available in UAE/ Dubai.

Key Benefits

  • 1] Instantly brightens the complexion
  • 2] Boosts the skinā€™s natural detoxification mechanism to remove free radicals and other impurities
  • 3] Reduces melanin levels and lightens complexion
  • 4] Diminishes age spots and freckles to give an even complexion and skin tone
  • 5] Reduces the proliferation of acne-causing bacteria
  • 6] Provides optimum conditioning to the skin

How to Use

Apply on thoroughly cleansed face and neck using fingertips, followed by spreading evenly all over the face and neck in gentle circular and upward strokes. Allow it to get fully absorbed into the skin for it to work in the deeper layers of the skin. Follow by using your favourite day or night cream. For best results use the treatment twice daily.


  • Niacinamide (Vitamin B3): A multi-functional active that keeps the skin hydrated and strengthens the skin by increasing resistance to barrier damage. It also selectively stimulates collagen synthesis and lightens the skin by interfering in the transfer of melanosomes to keratinocytes leading to a significant reduction in the size of age spots. It also helps in fighting acne by reducing inflammatory acne lesions.
  • Essential Narcissus Flower Wax: It offers emollient and skin conditioning tonic effect on the skin. It leaves a calming, astringent, relaxing and sensual effect on the skin. It also helps fight free radicals on the skin tissues that promote premature ageing. Jasmine Flower wax: It is a natural skin conditioner with regenerative and relaxing properties.
  • Daisy Flower Extract: The Skin Lightening agent derived from daisy flower, helps fight hyperpigmentation, lightens freckles and age spots, providing an even skin tone.
  • Stem Cell Blend: This unique stem cell blend acts in several complementary ways to clarify the complexion. It boosts the skinā€™s own cleaning and recycling system by encouraging the breakdown of damaged proteins and efficiently fighting free radicals. The active reduces the formation of melanin in melanocytes and helps lighten the skin.
  • Acacia decurrens Flower Wax: It has skin conditioning, calming and skin-protecting properties

Vestige Skin Formula 9 Brightening Treatment Price in UAE

Its MRP is 223 AED and DP is 186 AED.

Vestige Skin Formula 9 Brightening Treatment PV in UAE

If any Vestige distributor will buy this product he will accumulate 70.95 PV.

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50 g

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  1. Krishna Choudhary

    Best natural skin care treatment

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